Scale Frameworks (part 5)


Spotify has become a popular music player and well known for providing original and limitless collections of music content. It was launched in 2008 and it became a large company with 1,600 employees.

Spotify start with Scrum and now come belong with Agile principles and their own model

Spotify component include :

  1. Squads
  2. Tribes
  3. Alliance
  4. Trio
  5. Chief Architect
  6. Chapter
  7. Guild

Squad is basic unit in Spotify

  • It’s like a scrum team with 6-12 people
  • The squad is an autonomous, self-organizing and self-managing.
  • Squad can choose any Agile Methodologies are suitable with team
  • Include Product Owner, Agile Coach, Engineers

Multi squads do in same feature will become tribe

  • Each of the tribes has a lead who is responsible for creating a productive and innovative environment for the squads.
  • A Tribe should have a maximum of 100 individuals
  • Tribe leaders pay close attention to the squad dependencies and analyze to what extent those dependencies are blocking or slowing the squad down

A Trio is formed when for every tribe there is a design, product area, and a tribe lead.

Alliance: A combination of three trios makes an alliance. it is led by product, design, and a tribe leads.

Chief Architect: A critical member of an organization that defines the architectural vision, guides in design, and deals with the system architecture dependency issues.

Chapter is group of people have similar skills

  • Chapters are inside a tribe
  • Chapter Lead is also a line manager who support everyone in personal grown and challenges.

Guild has same purpose with Chapter , but gather to share tool, code and knowledge

  • So everyone can join Guild if interest
  • Guild can be big and throughout organization
  • Guild activity usually is workshop

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