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The Complete Digital Marketing Course

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  1. Introduction
    Course Overview
  2. Digital Marketing Demystified in 5 Mins!
  3. 5 Best Digital Marketing Tools
  4. Market Research
    Market Research Intro
  5. How to Find a Hungry-to-Buy Audience with 3 Simple Questions
  6. How to Get Responses to Your Survey
  7. How to Analyse Your Survey Results
  8. How to Get Valuable Feedback Without Sending a Survey
  9. Make a Website
    Build This Site in Less Than 1 Hour
  10. Why Use Wordpress vs. Wix, Weebly etc?
  11. How to Get a Free Domain & 60% Off Web Hosting
  12. How to Add Pages, Post, Menus & Widgets
  13. How to Add a Premium Wordpress Theme
  14. How to Improve Your WordPress Security with Plugins
  15. How to Activate Your Free SSL Certificate in 1 Click!
  16. Email Marketing
    How to Set Up Email Addresses for Your Business
  17. Why Market Your Business with Email?
  18. How to Create a Free Mailchimp Account
  19. Add Opt-Ins & Pop Ups to Your Website for Free
  20. Collect Emails Without a Website
  21. Create an Email Campaign with Mailchimp
  22. Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened
  23. Email Marketing Analytics
  24. Copywriting
    Introduction to Copywriting
  25. What is Copywriting?
  26. How to Flip Features Into Benefits
  27. Attention - Headlines are Eighty Cents of the Dollar
  28. 11 Tips for Writing Magnetic Headlines
  29. The “AIDA” Formula
  30. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Introduction to SEO
  31. An Overview of SEO
  32. 5 SEO Metrics to Measure SEO Performance
  33. How to SEO Optimise Your Homepage
  34. How to Verify Your Website in The Google Search Console
  35. How to Take the Google Mobile Friendly Test
  36. How to Do Keyword Research: Steps & Strategy
  37. How to Quickly Brainstorm 1000's of Keyword Ideas
  38. How to Narrow Down Your Keyword List (Updated)
  39. How to Assess Keyword Competition & Choose Target Keywords
  40. How to Write Title Tags Search Engines Love
  41. How to Skyrocket Clickthrough Rate with Meta Descriptions
  42. How to Appear in the Google Image Search Results
  43. Copy Optimization: Headings Tags, Outgoing & Internal Links etc.
  44. The Types of Backlinks That Really Matter and How to Get Them
  45. How to Maximise Links for Your SEO Campaigns
  46. How to Create Content That Generates Links & Social Shares on Autopilot
  47. How to Leverage Authority Websites and Top of the Search Results
  48. Student Q&A #1
  49. Student Q&A #2
  50. Local SEO: How to Rank Your Local Business in Google
  51. Assignment - SEO
  52. YouTube Marketing
    YouTube Marketing Overview
  53. YouTube Marketing Strategy
  54. How to Find Video Ideas with Competitor Analysis
  55. How to Find Video Ideas with Keyword Research (Updated)
  56. YouTube Account Setup
  57. YouTube Account Optimisation
  58. YouTube Banner
  59. YouTube Channel Tags
  60. YouTube SEO
  61. Enable Custom Thumbnails
  62. YouTube Thumbnails
  63. YouTube Cards
  64. YouTube Comments
  65. Manage Multiple YouTube Accounts
  66. YouTube Monetisation
  67. YouTube VidIQ (Free Tool)
  68. YouTube - Increase Subscribers by 400%
  69. YouTube Ads
  70. YouTube Analytics
  71. Facebook Marketing
    Why Market Your Business on Facebook?
  72. Facebook Page Setup
  73. Facebook Icon
  74. Facebook Cover Image
  75. Facebook Page Description
  76. Facebook - What to Post?
  77. 8 Tactics To Get Your First Page Likes
  78. Secret Way to Boost Page Likes
  79. Facebook Competitions / Contests
  80. Facebook Groups
  81. Facebook Live
  82. Manage Multiple Facebook Pages
  83. Facebook Comments & Reviews
  84. Facebook Insights
  85. Twitter Marketing
    Twitter Marketing - What You Will Learn?
  86. Twitter Profile Setup
  87. Twitter Accounts to Follow
  88. Twitter Profile Optimisation
  89. Twitter Features
  90. Twitter - What to Post?
  91. Twitter Followers
  92. Twitter Hashtags
  93. Twitter Polls
  94. Twitter Customer Acquisition
  95. Twitter @Mention Influencers
  96. Twitter on Your Website
  97. Twitter Analytics
  98. Quora Marketing
    Why Market Your Business on Quora?
  99. Quora Marketing Strategy
  100. Quora Account Setup
  101. Quora Account Optimisation
  102. Build a List of Questions to Answer
  103. Format Your Answers for Maximum Clicks
  104. Quora Promotion
  105. Find Blog Post Ideas with Quora
  106. Quora Business Page Setup
  107. Quora Analytics
  108. Google AdWords / Ads
    Why Market Your Business with Google Ads?
  109. How Google Ads Works
  110. Analyze Your PPC Competition
  111. Google Ads Account Setup
  112. Select the Right Campaign Type
  113. Determine Bids & Budgets
  114. Target Your Audience
  115. Advanced Campaign Settings
  116. Choose Profitable Keywords
  117. Write Ads That Grab Attention
  118. Google Analytics
  119. Google Analytics Overview
  120. How to Set Up Google Analytics & Install the Tracking Code On Your Website
  121. How Google Analytics Works
  122. How to Add Backup Views
  123. How to Add Filters to Reporting Views
  124. How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics
  125. How to Set Up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics
  126. Main Tools for Analysis
  127. How to Analyse Real Time Reports
  128. How to Analyze Audience Reports
  129. How to Analyze Acquisition Reports
  130. How to Analyze Behaviour Reports
  131. How to Analyse with Segments
  132. How to Track Marketing Campaigns with Campaign Tagging
  133. How to Use Benchmarking Reports to Grow a Business
  134. How to Set Up Custom Dashboards for In-Depth Analysis
  135. How to Set Up Event Tracking in Google Analytics
  136. How to Set Up Custom Alerts For Traffic Spikes/Drops
  137. How to Remove Spam Traffic from Google Analytics
  138. Use Machine Learning to Understand Your Data (Analytics Intelligence)
  139. How to Manage Multiple Google Analytics Accounts
  140. How to Link Google Adwords to Google Analytics
  141. Instagram Marketing
    Instagram Business Account Setup
  142. Follow These Instagram Accounts
  143. Instagram Profile Image
  144. Instagram Bio
  145. Instagram Content Creation
  146. Instagram Reposting
  147. Instagram Followers Hack
  148. Instagram Hashtags
  149. Instagram Stories
  150. Instagram Followers Tool (Free)
  151. Instagram @Mention Influencers
  152. Instagram Spam
  153. Instagram Analytics
  154. Shopping on Instagram (New Feature)
  155. Pinterest Marketing
    Why Market Your Business on Pinterest?
  156. Pinterest Account Setup
  157. Pinterest Accounts to Follow
  158. Pinterest Account Optimisation
  159. Pinterest Account Verification
  160. Pinterest Boards
  161. Pinterest Followers
  162. Pinterest Chrome Extension (Free)
  163. Pinterest Graphics
  164. LinkedIn Marketing
    Linkedin Account Setup & Optimisation
  165. Linkedin Connections Hack
  166. Linkedin InMail Hack
  167. Linkedin Viral Posts
  168. Linkedin Blog Traffic
  169. Linkedin Groups
  170. Linkedin Company Page Setup
  171. Linkedin Ad Credits ($50 Free)
    7 Keys to Facebook Advertising Success
  173. Facebook Success Stories
  174. How to Set Up An Advertising Account
  175. Boost Posts vs. Ads Create Tool vs. Power Editor - Updated
  176. Key Ad Policies (Facebook & Instagram)
  177. Facebook Ad Structure
  178. Create Your First Ad - Choose a Campaign Objective
  179. Targeting by Location & Demographics
  180. Targeting By Interests
  181. Targeting By Behaviours & Connection
  182. Ad Placements
  183. Budgets
  184. Ad Creative
  185. Tips to Write a Winning Ad
  186. Place Ad Order
  187. Key Advertising Terms
  188. Ad Reporting
  189. How to View Your Billing Summary
  190. Facebook Pixel
  191. Website Custom Audiences
  192. Email List Custom Audience
  193. Page Engagement Custom Audiences
  194. Video Views Custom Audience
  195. Lookalike Audiences
  196. Page Likes With Custom Audiences
  197. Video Ads
  198. Lead Ads
  199. Instagram Ads
  200. Dynamic Ads For Ecommerce
  201. Collection Ads for Ecommerce
  202. Canvas Ads
  203. Offer Claim Ads
  204. Local Awareness Ads - Updated
  205. Event Response Ads
  206. Power Editor
  207. Easy Split Testing with Power Editor
  208. Bulk Manage with Power Editor
  209. Business Manager
  210. Business Manager - Roles & Permissions
  211. Custom Conversions and Standard Events
  212. Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP's)
  213. How to Start a Facebook Ads Business
    App Store Market Research
  215. Facebook Ads : App Install & Enggagement Ads
  216. Google Ads : App Install & Engagement Ads
    You've Done It! ...12 Key Takeaways from This Course
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